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PANOORIN: Mainit na Sagutan nina John Lloyd Cruz at Sarah Geronimo.Alamin Ang Dahilan!

Sarah Geronimo and co-star John Lloyd Cruz had an intense moment during a press interview about their upcoming movie Dear Future Husband.
When one of the reporters asked Sarah what the movie was about she said,
"Galing mismo sa title ng pelikula Dear Future Husband, syempre darating sa buhay natin na gusto rin natin magkaroon ng sarili nating pamilya,"
John Lloyd, as if triggered by what she said, retorted,
The female actress then fired back with her own comeback by saying,
"Ikaw kaya no e 'di kailan?"
It seems that the duo had different views when it came to marriage and settling down. While Sarah was open about how starting a family is something she wants, Lloyd was quite the opposite.
"Ikaw ba Lloydie hindi pa... ano bang mindset mo ngayon?" Sarah asked Lloyd.
"I'm forever young," replied Lloyd wittingly.
"Ah so wala ka pang balak mag ano...?" She awkwardly continued as if investigating.
Lloyd ended the verbal exchange by saying, "Bata pa ako eh."
An awkward silence ensued briefly before the interview was cut for a new question.
The movie is expected to be a super blockbuster. Not much details have been revealed yet but fans all over the country are already very excited!
What do you think of the heated exchange between the leads? Did one of them overreact?


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