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WATCH: Hindi si Marcos ang nagpasabog sa Plaza Miranda - Eddie Ilarde

Media personality Eddie Ilarde, who was one of the six LP candidates who won Senate seats in the 1971 elections, also said he did not think Marcos was behind the bombing. "I don't think Marcos is the mastermind because it's so stupid. For all the sins we attribute to him, he is not politically stupid," he said.
But Ilarde, whose leg still carries a metal fragment from the blast, said he believed the Plaza Miranda bombing was the "precursor" to the rage of the Filipino people that grew with Aquino's death and eventually peaked at the 1986 People Power Revolution.
"Yun pala, mga kaibigan, ang simula ng pagkakaroon ng tinatawag na rage ng taumbayan. At ang pinal na nangyari ay nung patayin nila si Ninoy Aquino, and that was the time we had People Power (That, my friends, was the beginning of the public's rage, and the final event was the death of Ninoy Aquino that led to People Power)," he said.


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