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WATCH: NPA, Pinapatay ang mga Sibilyan na Tumatanggi sa Pagsapi sa Kanilang Grupo!

A firefight occurred between troopers 
discharged underneath and New People's Army (NPA) revolts in Barangay Mat-i, Surigao City before to Sunday twelve.

Agitators were supposedly harmed after the 15-minute firefight that constrained the NPA individuals under Ka Lucas to pull back, as per First Lieutenant Ryan Layug.

"We are going to protect Surigaonons and the communities from the atrocities being planned by these rebels," Lieutenant Colonel Rico Amaro, 30th Infrantry Battalion commander said.

"We thank the members of the community for giving us timely information. A report was sent to us that the NPA will again attack the community, so we responded. President Duterte gave so much time for the peace process to move forward, we regret why can't this group contribute for a peaceful Surigao."Amaro added.


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