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WATCH: This Half-Blind Grandma Travels Miles Just to Make Her Sick Daughter a Bowl of Chicken Soup

The old woman had to cross rivers and walk miles just to be with her daughter.
When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. As a matter of fact, mothers often put their children first, before themselves. They make sacrifices just to make their children happy and contented.
This old woman lived in a remote village, while her daughter lived in the city. The old woman called her daughter and learned that she wasn’t well. She recalled how she would make chicken soup for her daughter whenever she was sick when she was still young. Thinking her daughter needed her the most at that time, she decided to take a live chicken and travel miles just to make soup for her.
After travelling miles, crossing some rivers, and spending hours in public transport—she finally reaches her daughter’s house. Her daughter was surprised to see her mom, who immediately prepared food for her and her own daughter.
Her daughter was shocked that the soup still had feathers in it, and the soup was incredibly rich and salty. The old woman noticed that her granddaughter kept away from her, and so she decided to head back home soon after just a day in their home.
Her daughter felt something was off and decided to visit her mother in the village once she was feeling better, two weeks after her mother visited her.
She found out that her mother was already turning blind, as one of her eyes had cataract, and the other had serious presbyopia. Watch the heart-breaking video below:


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