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When they saw President Duterte cries after seeing the remains of his soldiers killed by NPA , Netizens reacts

Another iconic picture of President Rodrigo Duterte was captured by Edge Davao’s photographer Lean Daval Jr.
On the photo taken during the visit of the President at the wake of Corporal Michael Yadao and rivate Virnel Damondon, Duterte cried after he saw the remains of Mr. Yadao that killed by the landmine planted by NPA Terrorist in Barangay Tawantawan Davao City on Thursday, February 17.
The 17 others were wounded by the blast was also visited by President Duterte and awarded at the Camp Panacan Station Hospital (CPSH) of the Naval Station Felix Apolinario in panacan.

He visited the remains of the soldiers at the Eastern Mindanao Command (EASTMINCOM) Gymnasium in Panacan, Davao City on February 17.
President Rodrigo Duterte decided to end the peace talks between the government and CPP-NPA-NDF because of the several attacks conducted by the armed group against the armed forces of the Philippines.
The attacks killed several soldiers including Mr. Yadao and Mr. Apolinario.
The first time that the President cried in public was when he won the Presidency and visited her parents grave.
Netizens were touched after seeing the reaction of the President in the photo.


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