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BREAKING: 20 Fully Armed Men, Namataan sa Lanao Hinalaang Rescuer sa mga Maute

Around 20 fully armed men were spotted passing through the town of Saguiaran in Lanao del Sur were suspected as the reinforcements of the Maute Group.

Saguiaran local official named Maning Dalupang said that two residents from the area reported that they have spotted armed men passing by in front of residential homes. The witnesses reported that the suspicious men were spotted around 2 am on Friday (August 18, 2017).

The residents also reported that the armed group passes through a corn field going to Mantaring Paiagapo to allegedly avoid an encounter with the government troops. The witnesses who saw the suspicious men have no idea where they have come from.

Dalupang also said that although their place was safe, they can’t prevent anyone to pass by. He was also asking the authorities to secure the area for the safety of the resident in Lanao.

The authorities are now verifying the authenticity of the reports and currently working with the local officials, according to Capt. Jo-Ann Petinglay, spokesperson of Joint Task Force Marawi.

“Marami tayo reports na natatanggap at chinechek agad ito ng ating ground forces. Tumtulong din ang PNP and LGUs alamin kung may mga pagtitipon-tipon. Malaking bagay yung mga information given to us,” said by Petinglay quoted by ABS-CBN.

Meanwhile, this week, around two members of Maute reinforcements were killed by the government troops after attempting to enter Lanao Lake to bring ammunition for their comrades in the conflict zone.

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