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Duterte Suspendihin Ang Mga Mayor na Di Hihinto sa Illegal Activities

President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to suspend mayors who couldn't control the rapid production of narcotics within localities under their authority and also released a threat that an investigation will conducted on the Commission on Human Rights for their alleged conspiracy with the drug-linked personalities.

He said if they cannot suppress the spread of narcotics or control over their local police then they do not deserve to be public servants.

"As mayors, you have the authority over the police. If you cannot control drugs in your city, I will just suspend you. Just take a vacation," he said during 9th anniversary of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption, a group that has had members appointed to the Duterte administration.

Duterte also threatened government officials in Mindanao that if they fail to respond properly in the drug issues in their areas, they too will lose all their police powers.

"Kaya ‘yang Marawi, walang areglo na ‘yan. Cannot be. Sabi ko sa mga mayors, wala na silang police power ngayon, isauli ko lang ‘yan kung matapos na ang giyera, at sabihin ng pulis pati military, 'Mayor, okay na,'"he said.

"But kung pagbalik ko niyan, kung kayo you cannot control drugs in your city, tanggalan kita… I might just go outright suspend you. So that’s my next move," he added.

The President even challenged the local executives to ask the court and stop him from suspending every one of them.

"So marami na namang korte, away ‘yan. I-TRO na naman ako ng mga huwes. Sabihin ko sa huwes, ‘Kaya mo? Kasi kung kaya mo, sige.’ Otherwise, itong mga i— na pulis… Ah itong kasali na mga mayors, you have the authority over the police," he said.

"If you cannot control drugs in your city, I will just suspend you. Magbakasyon ka na lang. Wala man rin kayong silbi. So I will not return the police power to you. Wala akong pakialam sa inyo. ‘Yan ang… That is the sad story," he added.

There has already been 7 governors and 132 mayors stripped from their police powers by the National Police Commission for allegedly conspiring with criminals. The agency said the local executives failed to exercise immediate response on the terrorism in order to prevent further lawlessness.

The decision was made weeks ago right after the ISIS-inspired Maute group terrorist began terrorizing in Marawi City, which triggered the President to declare martial law in all of Mindanao.

"Perhaps we need to cite in that appeal the accomplishments of the Maguindanao peace and order council in addressing domestic peace and security issues, including the settlement of more than 30 clan wars in recent years and the prevention of the expansion in far-flung areas of misguided militants groups," Maguindanao Gov. Esmael Mangudadatu said in July.

"They do not have police power. I will return it to them after the conflict. But if I return it and you cannot [curb] drugs in your city, I will strip you of your power. I might just outright suspend you," Duterte said Wednesday.

"Wala naman kayong silbi. I will not return the police power to you. Wala akong pakialam sa inyo," he added.

As if August 8, Duterte has the updated narco-list containing names of government officials linked in illegal drug trade, there were also names from the judiciary.

"With God's help…death certificate na yan balang araw," he said.

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