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LOOK: Influential Foreign political consultant says Kian ‘who ran drugs’ for his father and uncle is not innocent

The issue about the demise of the 17 year old Kian delos Santos has achieved the universal features inciting distinctive media outlets, bloggers and political specialists to express their own particular sentiment about the issue.

A few predominant press from various nations have highlighted this news however clearly accentuation was given more on the negative side where policemen were the antagonist of the story. Indeed, this is never again new to everybody.

In opposition to these reports of western standard, a political master, observer and a specialist from Canada shed light to the issue. Amir Assadollahi, who contemplated political science in University of Ottawa said that the demise of Kian is sensationalized by a few government officials and some prevailing press without taking a gander at the certainties and the pandemic issues.
Assadollahi said that these covetous and degenerate government officials are simply utilizing Kian’s passing for their own particular political interests.

Assadollahi  believes that the 17-year old who as per him a medication sprinter who ran drugs for his dad and uncle is not blameless, as he has bolstered his family’s unsafe and risky propensities.
Facts always staring at our face, but somehow some people are not interested in facts!

The drug cartels and syndicates use drug pushers, couriers and users to expand their operations. Just like any addictive substance, illegal drugs industries use and abuse anyone who can be user or pusher without care or discrimination against their age, gender, social status, etc – and that means no one is safe from their grips and no one is innocent when participating in illegal and destructive business. They will use anyone and everything to expend their harmful and yet lucrative business.
They target students, kids, elderly and women and children, the poor and the rich equally to do their dirty bidding. The result of which is a broken down and dysfunctional society which is insecure, dependent and needy and the family bonds are broken and weak with hopes and dreams are gone and the reality is just a haze and only seen in the shadows of darkness that they struggle in.
The tragedy of the shooting of the 17-year old is sensationalized by some politicians and some mainstream media without looking at the facts and the pandemic problems in which is the illegal drugs, narco-politics, criminality and deeply rooted corruption, and we know that the drug pushers use dug runners to target more clients and to support their own drug habits. We also know that schools and students and even churches have been targeted by them, so it is not surprising to see a 17-year old being caught in that as we know that there are younger kids than that who do drug delivery for the pushers as well.

The Philippines administration has zero-tolerance policy on illegal narcotics use, sales and distribution, and openly and actively communicates its policy that the consequences for violation of that policy is heavy and harsh. Many understood that and they sought help from the government for rehabilitation in which the government openly offered and continuously offering, yet there are many more who are not willing to let go of this destructive and harmful lucrative and yet dangerous illegal trade and are not willing to seek help to quit their destructive addiction. The 17-year old drug runner/pusher shot dead is an example of that.

The users become pushers and the users become pushers – the runners become users and the users become the runners, that is the never ending cycle. That is the undeniable fact, and you need to recognize the problem, and the problem at first is the access to the illegal substance, and at the next stage is greed and/or poverty in which both create a need. Well, that is the simplification of the whole illegal drug industry, but the criminal elements in society focus on that to target more people.

You cannot say a user is innocent, you cannot say a runner is innocent and certainly you cannot say the a pusher is innocent. When there is an open campaign against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption and the message is loud and clear that “you will die (and be killed) if you (continue to) destroy the future [of the people and the young]” and when you continue your act of destruction by thinking that you are above the law or untouchable, then you cannot claim you are innocent nor can claim that you did not know what you were doing and neither others can come to your defense saying you were innocent or had no choice.
Once you are involved in illegal activity be it knowingly and willingly or be it unwillingly, then you have lost all your innocent and you are no longer considered to be naive, because you know the consequence of the task you have decided to take upon your shoulders. You always have a choice even under most difficult circumstances you have a choice, even if a gun is put to your head or even if you are threaten you have a choice, because when there punishment for violation of law is death, perhaps you only delaying the inevitable when someone forces you to do their dirty bidding by selling drugs, running drugs or even using drugs – it is like you have already accepted death and have a death wish. When the government is offering you a way out and have opened many lines of communication so that you can get helped and you can report criminals and the criminal activities, then you have a choice to get out and leave the slum that you have entered in for being a user, runner or pusher. The government offered you and still offering you to come and surrender, and if you are afraid of going to jail or being rehabilitated, etc. than being shot dead by your own criminal networks for leaving them, then that is your mental problem, because you either think that you can get away from law and avoid capture or avoid death, but you are only delaying what is going to be the inevitable.

The 17-year old drug runner who ran drugs for his father and uncle is not innocent, and you can say that he has supported his family’s harmful and dangerous habits and has entered the repeating cycle I talked about earlier, and if that was a family business, then you can also say that he has had entered the cycle of running the drugs for others and making commission from it, meaning he has had become a pusher himself. Therefore not innocent at all in either cases.

The shooting death of the 17-year old drug pusher/runner/user (whatever you want to call him) is unfortunate but it was inevitable because he did not stop those criminal activities despite of the government’s open communication about the consequences of violations of the law, and him not seeking help from the government through the communication and support channels the government has created is a show of his unwillingness to change life style.

Having said that we cannot say he is the only guilty person in this case – the guilty part is narco-politicians such as Senator De Lima, the corrupt and criminal business and political oligarchs, the Church and other organizations that are against the war on drugs, criminality and corruption, and most importantly the guilty are the corporate mainstream media who are sending mix messages to society by reflecting that it is okay to be doing drugs, it is okay to commit crimes and involve with criminal activities and it is okay to involve in corruption, because the church says it is okay and because some politicians are fighting to protect the drug trade, the criminals and the corruption, and by that they encourage people like that 17-year old to continue what he was doing. Therefore the shooting death of the 17-year old drug runner/pusher/user (whatever you want to call him) has to be blamed on them as well.
The Filipinos need to be more proactive in informing the international community about things, and news in Tagalog only without translation or English caption or without cultural interpretation will not be able to reach the international community.
My commentary about the 17-year old drug user/pusher/ dealer (whatever you want to call it) shooting death of him is about my observation on how the news is forming around the glob, and how the minority seat of the government, narco-politicians, corrupt political and business oligarchs, the corrupt church leaders, etc use the corporate mainstream media to set in motion their corrupt and criminal and dangerous agenda.

As my readers know, my interest is in peace and security through the transparency or law and order and sustainable development, environmental protection, secular educations and governance, regional cooperation, unity and solidarity, volunteerism, and I support federalism and endorse the concept of “war on illegal drugs, criminality and corruption” and I am against terrorism and all acts of terrorism, and believe that all extremist fundamentalist ideologies are evil no matter what religion or ideology they are based on and no matter what ethnic origins they are from. I believe in all gender equality and human rights. Pushing drugs, dealing it and using it is not human rights when your right to do that infringe the human rights and human dignity of others.

Those who are doing that are in violation of the rights of others to have liberty, life and security. It is the duty of the state to protect its citizens’ primary human rights by eliminating the criminal and harmful elements that take away the citizens’ liberty, life and security. Therefore, the shooting death of the 17-year old drug dealer/pusher/user (whatever you want to call it) is justifiable act as I earlier described, but as later I said, it is something that is not well understood by the international community, because the narco-politicians and the criminal and corrupt elements in the Philippines and abroad are using it as a media propaganda tool against the government of the Philippines though majority of the Filipinos support the active war on terrorism, illegal drugs, criminality and corruption.

I hope my readers understood my commentary and message, and would take a more proactive role in communicating the reality of the Philippines to the international community in the language that can be understood. After all the media is very powerful, so never underestimate their power!

Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist/ Commentator (just in case the name clouded the judgment of some readers!)
Source: Amir Assadollahi

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