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LOOK: ISIS Suspek Sa Pag-atake ng mga Pulis sa Loob ng Police Station

A suspected member of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group has stabbed to death a police officer inside the police station.

On Sunday (August 13, 2017), the Turkish media reported that a certain police officer was attacked and killed a suspected member of the terrorist group called ISIS. The cop was stabbed to death inside a police station in the Istanbul, Turkey.

The pro-government Anadolu news agency reported that the suspect was shot dead after killing the cop. The culprit was allegedly planning to carry out a suicide bombing before he was killed.

The private Dogan news service reported that the authorities have already arrested the alleged ISIS member and heading to a police station when the incident happened around 11 pm on Sunday.

There are no clarifications yet how the suspect was able to keep a knife while being taken to the custody.

The news service also reported that the cop died from his wounds on the scene in the ambulance.

In 2016, hundreds of lives were gone after the extremists strike Turkey, which is one of the bloodiest years in the history. The terrorism was blamed on ISIS as well as the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Meanwhile, Marawi City has been also attacked by an alleged ISIS inspired group called as Maute Terrorist Group last May 23, 2017, up to this present time. The government forces were already doing their best to end the crisis in the besieged city.

However, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has extended the martial law in the Mindanao until the end of the year to handle the situation in the area and to prevent the extremists from escaping.

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