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LOOK: Sa Wakas Tatlong Pulis na Pumatay kay Kian, Tukoy Na!

COPS – The three cops who are being linked to the death of Kian Loyd Delos Santos was finally named and was under the investigation of the authorities.

According to the report of the ABS-CBN News, the three police officers who are involved on the slain of Kian Loyd has been named.

They are the three Caloocan police officers, of whom are a part of the Oplan Galugad, the operation which caused the untimely death of the Grade 11 student.

The death of Kian, aside from the nationwide grief that has been gathered, it has also caused a public outrage.

The public outrage is due to the reason that the report submitted by the cops and the recorded scene and the testimonies of the witnesses showed is contrasting and told the otherwise from the other.

The names of the three police officers involved are Police Officer 3 Arnel Oares and Police Officers 1 Jeremias Pereda and Jerwin Cruz.
Police Officer 1 Jeremiah Pereda

Police Officer 1 Jerwin Cruz

Police Officer 3 Arnel Oares

They currently being investigated over the operation that has been administered which eventually led to the death of Kian.

Based on a previous report, the autopsy of Kian resulted to three fatal wounds and one of which is treacherous.

The gunshots were found at the back of the head, behind the left ear and inside the left ear, it has then all exited at the right part of the head based on Dr. Erfe.

On legal matters, the treacherous wound means that it has been inflicted by the assailant to ensure the execution and it can be a basis to file murder charges.

The three police officers were relieved last Thursday and the Caloocan City police chief Senior Supt. Chito Bersaluna has also been relieved last Saturday in order to give way to the probe.

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