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MUST READ: Ex-Soldier Binisto Kung Paano Ginawa Ang Corruption sa Loob ng BI

A veteran soldier who retired as an Army Major revealed a very interesting activities revealing how corruption worked inside the Bureau of Immigration as he called the attention of the Department of Justice. The information gathered by ex-soldier Abe Purugganan came from a very reliable source, someone who worked as an immigration officer.

According to Sir Abe Purugganan the Bureau of Immigration is considered as one of the most corrupt agency in the country for the last 20 years. The seat of corruption is at the Legal Department where the controversial applications go through deportation.

The information shared by an Immigration Officer to Sir Abe named some alleged members of the BI's Legal Department namely Atty. Arvind Santos, Head of the Legal Department, and Atty. Arellano, Head of the Deportation Unit, have an agreement to charge foreigners for the most trivial violations.

An alleged P200,000 worth of funds is needed by every foreigners who became victims of the syndicate inside the Bureau of Immigration but if the foreigners couldn't came up with the said amount, they will be deported immediately.

Here's the Complete Revelations of Sir Abe Purugganan:

Ang Bureau of Immigration ang isa pang ahensiyang korap.
Lawyer na naman.
Via a chat group.
Sent by an immigration officer.

Corruption is at its highest at the BI for the last 20 years.
The seat of corruption is the Legal Department where the controversial applications go through.


Atty. Arvin Santos, Head of Legal Department, and Atty. Arellano, Head of Deportation Unit, have an agreement to charge foreigners for the most trivial violations. Foreigners must come across immediately with at least Php200,000 or face deportation proceedings at the BSI. Once charged, the foreigner is placed on the Watchlist which makes travelling very cumbersome because the foreigner has to secure an allow departure order every trip.

Atty. Arellano has become so arrogant he laughs off Php100,000 offers from desperate foreigners who want to avoid deportation proceedings while Atty. Santos pretends to be a saint by having his closest friends serve as bagmen.


A number of Foreigners, specially Chinese who are unable to speak English, are often sent back to their country of origin (Airport to Airport or “A to A”) allegedly for being a public charge. These are the ordinary Chinese tourists who come here for a few weeks or days to stay with friends and to see the famous Philippine destinations. Once refused admission by the Immigration Officer, the foreigner is placed on the Blacklist. Lifting of Blacklist Order (BLO) requires Php200,000.00 even if the reason for the A to A is “public charge”. This is a very vague and much abused ground by Immigration Officers in refusing admission. Applications for lifting are usually denied unless accompanied by P200,000.00.


For the 9g visa applications, after the assigned lawyer drafts the order, he/she sends it to the Head of the Legal Department for a final review. Atty. Santos finds the most trivial reason to dismiss applications or he sits on the applications for 1 month unless the applicant pays a fee through his front men. One of his known bagman is his girlfriend Che[1].

The fee ranges from Php5,000 to P10,000 per application.
You may check the ageing time for 9g applications in the said office. Before, only the lawyer drafting the order made money on the day-to-day visa matters.

Staff within the BI suspect that Atty. Santos is probably the RICHEST person in the BI given that he makes money on almost all of the applications.

Day-to-day applications filed at the BI office in SM Aura must go through Atty. Noli Maminta. He collects P10,000 per application and assures that it will be approved in the agenda the following week. Maminta was involved in a similar scheme in the past administration. He known for this.
The mentioned personalities have been embroiled in similar controversies in the past. 

[1] Check the official foreign trips of Atty. Santos. During Mison’s reign, Atty. Santos brought Che in one of the trips, much to the envy of other BI staff who have always been under the impression that official foreign trips are only for the lawyers and officers."

Source: Abe Purugganan FB Page

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