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SHOCKING: Nakakatakot Na Banta Ni Kim Jong Un World Leaders Kinabahan

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  1. After the strike threat, U.S must reciprocate by also testing to intercept all missile tests of North Korea.. All such test can be now a suspect of mere disguise to render U.S. unprepared for a real strike.. If NK is testing how to strike the U.S. , the U.S. must test how to intercept in space an NK missile especially if it is carrying a nuclear warhead.. That is the only way to determine whether the U.S. can effectively intercept a hard to intercept missile moving at almost a lightning speed once it is on the direction of falling down due to gravitational accelaration on the mass of the warhead.. The best way to catch it is when it is still climbing up in space while overcoming the force of gravity, and not when it is already accelerating down.. It should be before the explosion of the last chamber so that all warheads in one missile can be still toppled down including decoys and real nuclear warhead by just one hit... Targetting a missile is best said than done unless tested, putting at stake the lives of the people that may be hit by the nuclear blast..


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