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Syrian national urged Filipinos: Stand by your President, he will make your country safe and strong

Mr. Jahjah, who has lost everything in his nation of origin due to the ISIS fear monger aggregate asked the general population of the Philippines to help and remain behind President Duterte to keep the universal revolt gathering to increase in Mindanao and whatever is left of the nation.
“As a Syrian citizen who has lost many people and things in my home country, my advice to all people from the Philippines: Stand by your president. He is your best choice to make your country safe and strong.” the Syrian national wrote on Facebook.

In a separate statement of Jahjah, he also expressed his admiration for Duterte’s style of counter-terrorism and his effort against crimes and drug dealers.
The netizens lauded the Syrian national for his care and support to the Philippine President and they said he have made the right choice.

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