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VIRAL: 2 Sundalong Kumain ng Canned Food, Broke a Thousand Hearts

SOLDIERS – The photo of these two soldiers who were captured while eating goes viral on the internet and broke a thousand of hearts.

A photo recently went viral on the internet as it was posted on a Facebook page named Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa Supporters.

The said photo contained two soldiers who shared the same plate while eating.

The photograph was just normal at first look but not until people of the social media community started to realize something upon gazing at it deeper and further.

Two soldiers were eating on the same plate, but it was not a plate at all, it is a cover of a caldron, eating just rice and a canned food.

The written caption that is entailed with it told, “Minsan kahit De lata, ginto ng itinuturing ng ating mga sundalo. Isang lata, paghahatian pa nila, pero atleast pinapakita nila na kahit anong mangyari walang iwanan! KUDOS SA ATING MGA KASUNDALUHAN!

And with this fact, a lot of hearts from the people of the online community got broken.

It has gained a lot of reactions and painful statements from the netizens.

One netizen said actually, “I salute u soldiers,naway ingatan kayo nang may kapal saan man kayo naroon ,pray muna bago sumabak sa kaaway,alam ng Dios na makatarungan ang inyong pakikipag digma..we also pray for all ur safety na makauwi at makapiling nyo ang inyong mga mahal sa buhay.”

Netizens were hoping that the government could find a way to give the soldiers of the country better food. For the soldiers deserve it considering all their hard work just to save the country from the extremist and above all, their dedication to their work to the point of risking their own life.

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