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April Boy Emotionally Tells How Duterte's Genuine Care And Generosity Helped Him Get Back His Will To Live

During the last couple of days, we have been hearing more and more people voicing out their appreciation for our beloved President Rodrigo Duterte.

Just this Friday night, Davao media had a get-together dinner at the Matina Enclaves. One of the guest singers was OPM Jukebox King April Boy Regino.

Before singing, he revealed his heartbreaking story and how the President personally helped him get up and continue living his life.

It can be remembered that Regino retired from showbiz because he was diagnosed with prostate cancer which he survived. After that though, he was diagnosed with diabetes in 2015, this caused him to slowly lose his sight.

He admitted to losing hope, he would spend days just crying and staying inside his room. He lost all the will to sing and move on.
“Wala na po akong ganang kumanta. Simula po nung nabulag ako eh, parang bang nawalan na ako ng pag-asa sa buhay ko, nawalan na ako ng ganang mabuhay, kaya hindi ko na inisip na kakanta pa uli ako,”
He said he didn't what to do anymore. His wife was there bathing him, feeding him, he just lost the will to live. Until he got a call from someone he didn't expect.
"Nung panahon na malungkot na malungkot po ako, iyak po ako ng isang, may isang tao pong tumawag po sa akin. Di ko po akalain na maaalala niya po ako. Ang ating presidenteng Duterte tinawagan po ako."
According to Regino, the president called him and asked him why he didn't tell him that he lost his sight. He said sorry because he doesn't know what to do anymore."
"Sabi niya po 'Bakit di mo sinabi sakin na nabulag ka?', sabi ko 'Pasensya na po kayo wala na po ako isip ko e, di ko na po alam gagawin ko.'"
Regino then found the strength to live because of that one simple call from our caring president.
"Nagpalakas nalang po uli ng loob ko, ang ating presidente."
After that, Regino faced the challenges and is now starting to stand up and cope with it. He admitted that Duterte is sending him some money monthly to help him.

Duterte also avails his services whenever there are events and gatherings.

Kudos to the most caring president the Philippines ever had. Not only did he give hope to Regino, but he also gave him back his life and way of earning, by giving him projects he never thought he'll have.

All because of the fact that he genuinely cares.

Watch the video below:

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Source: Newsline.ph

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