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AYAN NA! LP at Bayan Nagkaproblema Kung Sino ang Magpapakain sa mga Protesters

The Liberal Party and leftist groups, especially the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), are pointing fingers towards each other over the accountability of people stranded in the Port of Batangas.

On Tuesday night, a ship from Zamboanga port arrived at Batangas Port carrying at least 1,800 people. The passengers are said to be recruited from different parts of Southern Mindanao to join the September 21 rally.

According to earlier accounts, the problem occurred when the ship arrived a day before the agreed date of arrival between the protest organizers and the shipping company, leaving the passengers hungry and stranded at the port.

BAYAN accused LP of not taking care of the people, while LP accused BAYAN of not taking care of the schedule.

Another problem according to the source who is aware of the problem, is that, the ship should have been docked to Manila Port and not in Batangas.

“With more than 1 day before the rally, these people here will suffer hunger and will have nothing to do. The port authorities have no idea who is to blame. They can’t just drive these people away. They don’t have money and need help”, the source said.

Both BAYAN and LP refused to give comment, but the later said they are doing their best to provide food and basic needs like water, blankets, and others.

The group is expected to join the Sep. 21 Martial Law anniversary rally, but some of them are already exhausted and wanted to return home.

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