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Banker Binuking si Trillanes sa Alegasyon niya na P1B Account ni Duterte

A concerned netizen and a banker by profession, Long Pineda explains the reasons why the allegations of Sen. Antonio Trillanes on the alleged P1-Billion accounts of President Rody Duterte is completely wrong due to improper calculations of deposits and withdrawals.

According to Pineda, as a banker and in speaking of bank transactions, the more relevant  numbers would be the ADB (average daily balance). A depositor should not sum up all deposit and withdrawal transactions together because that would tantamount to double counting.

Pineda cited an example to prove her points "For example, if I deposit 100K and withdraw 70K, that doesn't mean I have a total of 170K in my account. My ADB for the day would be 30K."

The veteran banker added further that if Trillanes uses the "Corona" math and add up the deposit of 100K plus withdrawal of 70K + 30K ADB, it would look like total transaction is 200K... This is what the Trillanes computations looks like... this is totally wrong, Pineda wrote.

Due to the virality of Pineda's explanations on social media some netizens agreed with her explanations and also shared their thoughts on the controversial issue.

Here's Some of the Reactions from Netizens:

Aj Lim: Debit-Credit
Deposits - Withdrawals
Simple math po ito
Accounting 101

The report said total deposits (rappler trash report)

DUH Ako din nag ilang milyon na total deposits ko pero wala akong perang ganyan. It would only point out that I had that much purchasing power, over the years when I have been using my bank account, for whatever sorts and reasons unknown (withdrawals). Kung meron receipts on online banking sa withdrawals ma trace yan pero kung cash physical receipt na para proof saan napunta.

Correct me if I am wrong ha.....
Average(Daily End of the Day balance )
Average(Daily End of the Day Balance Each day for the month) -> this method reflects daily transactions into the average and shows the trending pattern on the increase or decrease on the bank account's monetary volume in the given time frame. So hindi Start + end of month /2 which is non-reflective of the day to day transactions done.

Maria Elaine Corneja: Yes! At mga kadugo at kapuso nilang mga dilawan ay pilit na ipamamalita yan sa buong mundo at palalabasin na corrupt ang ating pangulo. Economic sabotage na dapat ang ikaso sa mga impakto na yan! Bakit nila pilit ginagawan ng kasalanan ang President samantalang puro allegations based on "sabi2x" eh ayan si Bautista at Leni Robredo na talagang may mga complaints na. Ano vah! Mr. President, enough! These people will never stop until they will oust you in whatever way and destroy this country's reputation at the expense of ALL of us. Please! Take on Revolutionary Powers! Do it! While we can still turn all of these around! Bakit ba ayaw mo makinig? You need help! Palagi ka na Lang nila nilalalagay sa defensive. Time to ACT so we can move forward! Let's give the President Revolutionary Powers ASAP.

Francis Ibanez: ang sarap naman kung ang laman ng account mo is the sum of how much you deposited and withdrew. nagdeposit ako ng 10k, nagwithdraw ako ng 5k, so magiging 15k ang balanse ko! ang saya! lol

Maria Elaine Corneja: My BIG question is, WHY did this alleged bank transactions of then Mayor Duterte leaked to Rappler? Isn't this supposed to be confidential until fully investigated if ever it is being investigated? They have made him look like a murderer in the international world even if it is NOT true, now, they want to make him look like a corrupt politician so they can warn investors to stay away??? They had been angling for that spin since day one. I say, economic sabotage. Enough! The government has to haul their carcasses in court NOW so they won't bring us all down with them.

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