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LOOK: Martial Law Protesters' Alleged Rehearsal Exposed on Social Media

A viral video and photos of an alleged rehearsal of Martial Law protesters in Bacolod City is now making the rounds online after it was posted by concerned netizen Reynante A. Tan on social media showing how the protesters prepared for their chants before a news report by a local TV station.

According to some commenters of the said viral video the incident happened in front of the Old City Hall of Bacolod City along Araneta and Luzuriaga Street in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

Based on the video ang photos posted on social media, the alleged biased news network who covered the event which some netizens reported having a sort of rehearsal before the actual news coverage, is no other than the local ABS-CBN News Network.

The protest rally in Bacolod City yesterday which was staged in front of the old City Hall was organized by some members of militant groups headed by Bayan Negros.

Here's Some of the Photos of the Alleged Martial law Protesters' Rehearsal:




Source: VoVPh

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