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LOOK: President Duterte cries when a group of handicapped people sing for him

President Rodrigo Duterte, a man who’s known for his tough and strong image in public, but despite of these characteristics, he’s still soft when it comes to his supporters.

On September 27, the group of Our Lady of Victory Training Center consisted of handicapped men and women visited President Rodrigo Duterte at Malacanang Palace last night.

The group sang a song that made even the strongest politician in the Philippines right now cry.

They performed “You Raise Me Up” in front of the President, an emotional song and one of the favorites of Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte supporter Monching Lumantas posted several photos of the event.

While the group were singing the favorite song of the President, Duterte could not hold back the tears in his eyes.

President Duterte wanted to hide his emotions, but his eyes can’t lie that he was soften when his handicapped supporters rendered the timeless piece in front of him.

Before he took Presidency, Duterte is already known in his city as a Mayor who really cares about the people who’s sick and handicapped.

He even made an ordinance that all the fines collected from the illegal smokers around the city would be given to the cancer patients staying at House of Hope in Davao City.

During the election period, a video of Duterte together with the cancer patients singing for him went viral on the internet.

It also showed the former Davao City Mayor wiping his tears as the cancer patients singing an emotional song to him.

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