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LOOK: Swiss President Praises President Duterte

Swiss President Doris Leuthard tagged president Duterte of Philippines as a leader who focuses on the issues which directly affect his own citizens as most ‘world chief executives’ do.

Speaking at a news conference, the Ms Leuthard reaffirmed SwissPhilippines bilateral relations are intact and that the two countries will continue to work together for the sake of their respective citizens.

She also pointed out that, Swiss will continue to offer any required assistance to Duterte’s government with no conditions.

She called upon regional blocs to cheap in in dealing with insecurity and drug menace facing Philippines without pointing fingers.

“Insecurity and drugs is a global challenges which requires collaborative
efforts to address”, The Swiss president said. Philippines has for the longest time been dealing with illegal drugs which almost got the economy paralyzed, with the president vowing to fight the problem up to the last bit.

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