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P6.8M Natagpuan sa Sirang Cellar Set sa Loob ng Simbahang Katoliko

A construction worker who found and kept the P8.6 million is extremely disappointed after banks denied to change the old denominations.

On August 7, Cezar Sumugat was cleaning the cellar of San Diego Parish Church in Silay City, Negros Occidental, when he stumbled into a wooden chest full of money and other valuable things.

The iconic church has been on intensive repair since May, but the work was halted after on June and July after several valuable things were stolen. The contractor since then had been replaced.

Sumugat kept the finds for himself and brought the money home.

Hoping that he could still use the money, he contacted several banks, only to find out that the fortune he found is already a waste.

Not knowing what to do, Sumugat reported his findings to his superior. Police took the money from his house, but the worker did not disclose other valuable things inside the chest.

Since no one (including the current Parish priest), knows about the existence of the chest, authorities suspected that the worker found valuable jewelries and other precious things, including gold coins.

The cache, which compose of mostly almost uncirculated P1,000 and P500 bills, is believed to be kept during late 80’s, during the time of then Rev. Luis Jalandoni (now NDF official).

There are also speculations that the money indeed was intended to help Jalandoni, who that time was on the run.

Authorities said the money will be burned soon as it is no longer relevant.

No case has been filed against Sumugat.

Locals are furious with the Church for wasting such big amount of money, but cannot identify who’s to blame.

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