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Sister of Pres. Duterte declares a journo of Phil Star "persona non-grata', attempts to destabilize Duterte family

Younger sister of President Rodrigo Duterte expressed her disappointment at having read an article written by what she labeled as a “so-called journalist” that attempted to destabilize the Duterte family.

Philippine Star writer Clare Baldwin claimed that Jocellyn Duterte Villarice called the President a “chauvinist”. Jocellyn retorted angrily saying that Baldwin was intentionally trying to create trouble among the Duterte family memebers.

Jocellyn goes as far as labelling Baldwin a “feminista”, but the kind who attacks men by using women to forward her own political interests. To that, Jocellyn concludes that the journalist is a “paid mouthpiece” whose insights on the President will be left unappreciated by the Filipinos.

Because of Baldwin’s statements, Jocellyn speaks in behalf of the President and declares the journalist persona non grata for her malicious statements against a Duterte relative.

In her full post on Facebook, Jocellyn said,


What a day!

I don't read any national newspaper because it is obvious that they are biased and prejudicial to the present administration, that of Pres. Duterte. I wrote a post yesterday on a certain "alien" media so called journalist by the name of Clare Baldwin who posted an article in Phil. Star saying I called the President a chauvinist!

It is a fact that there are numerous moves by the past administration, who are intent on destabilization and other sectoral group to oust Duterte but thus, that include creating trouble among his family as well?

That is the intent of Ms. Baldwin who happens to be a true blooded "Feminista"... the kind that preys on men, who she thinks is exploiting women in any way possible...But seeing and hearing her, it is the other way around...

If you have read the article, the names she mentioned were all the women that Pres. Duterte had previous disagreements and differences...but it is all political in nature...it is all about power!

Ms. Baldwin is definitely a paid mouthpiece and a seasoned one at that! 
Shame on you!!! (Hanapbuhay mo na yan)

Obviously the Filipino people will not appreciate your interference in our political system!

I will speak in behalf of President Duterte...YOU ARE PERSONA NON GRATA!!!

And to Philippine Star, I challenge you to post this to prove to the people that your newspaper is credible, since you owe me the same previledge you gave to Ms. Clare Baldwin. I have the right to demand to defend myself of false allegation to malign the President!"

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